Our Instructors


Prof. Victor Estima is head of Gracie Barra Europe and we are proud to be part of his lineage. He is a black belt who was trained by Zé “Radiola” along with his brother Braulio Estima. Victor teaches full time at Gracie Barra Nottingham and a highly decorated world champion. He has been our head instructor since he was a purple belt also holds regular seminars at Gracie Barra Leeds.
Main Achievements:

* Nogi World Champion (2011)
* 2x World Silver Medallist (2003 blue, 2005 purple – absolute)
* World Pro BJJ Cup Silver Medallist (2009)
* World Bronze Medallist (2008 & 2009 black)
* European Bronze Medallist (2008 weight & absolute, 2011 black)

To find out more about his academy in Nottingham go to the following web address: www.graciebarranottingham.com

Prof. Przemyslaw Martin Gorzala

Prof. Przemyslaw Martin Gorzala is the head instructor at Gracie Barra Leeds and is a well respected black belt under Victor Estima. During his competing career he did
2x Eurpean Champion,
6x British Champion in Gi and No Gi.

Martin continues to push BJJ forward in Yorksire by constantly honing and acquiring new skills by traveling all over the world to train. He has strong links to Victor and Braulio Estima.

Martin upholds the standards of BJJ by learning from the very best - you can be sure that your BJJ journey will be a good one.

Prof. Dawid Polomka

Prof. Dawid is training in GB Leeds from the begining of the club and he is an instructor and active competitor.

Prof. Dawid is perfectionist who always pushing himself and his students to work on their weaknesses and change them into success on the mat and in the privet life.

Prof. Dawid's bigest achivments:

European Championship - 2016 silver
British Open - 2012 gold,2013 silver, 2016 gold
London International - 2016 2x gold
World Pro Trials - 2015 silver
British Nationals - 2016 Gi bronze, No Gi 2x gold
Notthingam Open - 2014 2x Gold
Winner of submission only Grappler for Glory (main fight)
Sub 15 (main fight)
Gracie Barra Competition - 2012 gold

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu is his passion and lfie style which he try to spread on everybody around.

Dawid now holds the rank of brown belt with 4 stripes under Victor.